The Galactica Quorum podcast discusses all aspects of the Sci-Fi channel series Battlestar Galactica in a casual roundtable format. Light-hearted and at times irreverent, the Quorum, hosted by Brian, Dimitry, Michele and Jason, dishes out analysis and speculation about each episode and the current season. Along with Battlestar Galactica they also discuss a multitude of scifi genre shows, conventions and costuming.

The Galactica Quorum is proud to have been the winner of the 2008 Parsec Award for Best Fan Podcast.

The Cast

Michele (aka Chelly) – Co-Host/Web Designer/Hottie

Michele is not only one of the co-hosts of the Galactica Quorum but also serves as one of our web designers, the convention researcher and PR Rep.

Podcasting about Sci-fi was just a natural progression for Michele’s full immersion into geekdom. Throughout her life, Michele was lucky to have family and friends who also love Sci-Fi, computers, and gaming. It was her cousin, Kevin who first introduced her to the fabulous world of Star Wars.

Along with Star Wars, Michele tends to enjoy science fiction, fantasy and horror movies. As well as Sci-fi tv shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who, Hex, Ghost Hunters, Heroes, Firefly, etc. Other than TV and movies, Michele has participated in a wide range of hobbies and jobs over the years just for the pure enjoyment including acting, candle making, blogging, writing novels, reading and Geocaching.

If Michele could have what she really wanted she would live in the world of Harry Potter, be telekinetic, and have someone fully explain why psychic abilities are so confusing.

For information on the Galactica Quorum, or if you are a cast member of Battlestar Galactica and would like to be on the Galactica Quorum, contact Michele at

Brian – Co-Host / Producer / Editor / Supreme Note Taker

Dimitry – Co-Host

Jason – Co-Host

His basic role for the Quorum is “drop-in cynic,” because he can only make some of the podcasts and when he does, 90 percent of his comments are complaints or criticisms. He also has a brain full of useless trivia and references that he often throws out in an attempt to look like he knows what he’s talking about.

The success of the podcast has caused Jason to admit that he is far more of a geek than he wants to believe. While still clinging onto fading dreams of capturing glory in the sports arena, his minor contribution to the Quorum’s Parsec award just added to his list/shelf/closet of writing, science and math accomplishments. Jason is admittedly more Neville Longbottom than Harry Potter, but he still won’t attend a convention.

Jason’s core tenets of sci-fi

  • None of today’s shows will stand the test of time like Star Trek: The Next Generation (the Borg is the greatest enemy ever created), Buffy (the strongest collection of female talent in the history of sci-fi and they kicked ass) or Challenge of the Super Friends (the Legion of Doom is a strong No. 2 to the Borg).
  • While Grace Park is quite fetching, Herb Jefferson Jr. IS Boomer, and Sheba remains the hottest Viper pilot in the galaxy.
  • The only movie to ever get time travel right is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

And he loves talking about himself in third person.

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